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WK 6 Blogging Challenge

on April 11, 2019

I have done 2 tasks for WK 6 –

This is my 1st task. I have made a quiz-


This is my 2nd task. I have made a random piano piece (please give some feedback in the comments)





3 Responses to “WK 6 Blogging Challenge”

  1. authenticlearning says:

    Nice job with the quiz. I don’t know anything about classical music and yet I somehow got them all right. It said I’m a music professor, haha. I was guessing. Why did you make the quiz about classical music? Is it your favorite?

  2. profchandran says:

    Greetings from India
    Amazing quizes.Very interesting
    Nice work to share.I have learnt many things from your blog.
    Assistant Professor
    R.V.Institute of Management

  3. Josianne Fitzgerald says:

    Hi there.

    The quiz was fun, but that last question was more about personal opinion than fact. I personally prefer Bach and the Baroque to any other classical music, but lots of people like Beethoven and the Moonlight Sonata. Also, it looks like the correct answer was always the first one – at least it was when I played the quiz.

    I liked your music too. It was simple and clever to use an ascending and descending scale and to put a beat to it. You might want to now keep working on it and add a little improvisation to the scales.

    Hope you’re enjoying writing music and blogging!

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