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Instructions on how to add the badge (widget) onto your blog


1. Go on the Student Blogging Challenge Website. URL above.

2019 Students

2. Go to the 2019 students button at the top.

3. Go down until you see the where it says ‘What can you do next?’ and read down until you see the words ‘Get your badge’ press down command and click on the URL.

4. Scroll down until you see the ‘Student Blogging Challenge Badge’

5. Double click it and click on the ‘save image as’ and it will appear at the bottom.

6. Scroll down more until you see a code to copy and paste for the participants’ badge.

7. Copy the code

8. Go to your blog, then go to your dashboard.

9. Go down the column until you see ‘Appearances’ and hover your mouse over it, and click on the ‘Widgets’ button.

10. Scroll down until you see the Custom HTML button.

11. Click on it, and then there should be a button called ‘Add Widget’

12. After, the title is your choice, and paste the code into the big box.

13. Click on save.

14. You added a widget!



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The Tiring Journey


Blue: Temporal

Green: Causal


‘Can we stop now please?’ asked Celine, as she hiked in the forest, behind her brother, Jack, ‘No, we’ve done this before, and when you’ve learnt how to hike properly, not like last time, then we can return’ said Jack, his boots muddy. ‘But I want to go back home because I’m hungry, and I’m so tired!’ whined Celine, stamping her foot so she could make Jack angry enough to return home. A few hours later, Celine said ‘I can’t go any longer, otherwise Mother will be upset’, so they headed back home.

By Yueshi .   unsplash-logoImat Bagja Gumilar


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